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Get Healthy! Lose up to 5 Lbs in your First Month without Starvation Fad Dieting!
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Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals This New Year

woman waistline measuring tapeWhen the calendar turns to a new year, people begin thinking about the changes they’d like to see in their lives. Often, they consider the importance of their health and relate it to their weight.

Carrying excess pounds is bad for your heart, joints and overall health, particularly over an extended period of time. It can cause you to be dissatisfied with the way you look and lose confidence in your work life and personal life.

If you’re ready to make a real, sustainable transformation, you can do so with ChiroThin. Our doctor-supervised weight loss program isn’t like anything else you might have tried before.

What Sets ChiroThin Apart?

We love seeing our patients get results with ChiroThin. The secret lies within a combination of factors that are completely unique to this program:

  • Eat real food you select from the supermarket
  • No shakes, bars or prepackaged foods
  • Included nutritional supplements ensure safe weight loss – burning fat and protecting muscle
  • Weekly physician personalized feedback
  • Direct access to the doctor in-between visits
  • Includes success strategies for maintaining your healthier new weight

While individual results vary, the average client typically loses 20-35 pounds in just six weeks! In this relatively short period of time, you can jump-start your wellness journey. Plus, the fee is very affordable when compared to other weight loss programs. Just a fraction of the cost is involved in ChiroThin that you’d pay for other less effective, nationally advertised programs.

The Toll Weight Takes on Your Body

Did you know that every pound of fat is a mile of blood vessels that your heart has to pump blood through? That means if you lose 20 pounds, your heart doesn’t have to pump blood to an astounding 20 miles of blood vessels! With your heart not having to work as hard, your blood pressure can decrease. If you get off your blood pressure medications, your stomach and liver are free from the toxins of these medications and can function better.

Many sufferers of back and joint pain have been amazed at the improvements in their condition following successful weight loss. You’ll find that you have more energy and begin to attract the things you want in your life.

Start Your Healthier Habits Today

Contact Freedman Chiropractic now to schedule your consultation! You can visit our website today to learn more about ChiroThin.

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