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Pregnancy Chiropractic in East Brunswick

Why Is Chiropractic Care Important During Pregnancy?

pregnant person sitting down with low back support pillow

When you’re pregnant, your body goes through an astonishing number of changes in a very short period of time. Just thinking about it can cause stress. Any stress—whether it’s physical, chemical/environmental or emotional in nature—can adversely affect the nervous system and can result in energy and communication from the brain not being delivered to the body properly.

The physical stressors are the most obvious during pregnancy. The average woman gains between twenty-five to fifty pounds while she’s pregnant. For every extra pound you carry, there are four additional pounds of pressure on the lower back—this can equate to carrying around a full-grown person on your back! It’s no wonder many women who never experienced lower back pain previously, suddenly suffer with it during pregnancy.

Many people don’t realize it, but the uterus is a muscle. If the spine or pelvis are out of alignment, nerves can be irritated. When the nerves don’t carry energy correctly, the muscles that control delivery cannot work as well. They are unable to move the baby as effectively through the birth canal. Pregnancy and childbirth are athletic endeavors—the uterus has to contract the right amount, in the right rhythm, to push the baby out. The energy to do this comes from the nerves in the spine. So, if the spine is out of alignment, it will be harder to deliver the baby without medical assistance. This can cause extra straining by the mother or render the mother and child more susceptible to further complications requiring more medical intervention-such as a C-section.

Our Successful Approach to Care

At Freedman Chiropractic, we’ve had extensive experience caring for pregnant women over our forty-plus years in practice. In all of that time, only one of our patients has needed a C-section. Dr. Freedman has the experience and expertise to design customized care for each individual patient we see.

Chiropractic care should be a part of every expectant mother’s prenatal regimen. We consider ourselves a mom-to-be’s best friend. Medications and physical therapy are contraindicated during pregnancy and wouldn’t fix the underlying cause of pain even if they were allowed.

Chiropractic care is the safest, most effective means to control and eliminate pregnancy pain and muscle soreness. It’s also the best way to remove interference to the nervous system and unlock the energy the body needs to control and coordinate the labor and delivery process so that it can occur with minimal need for intervention.

Dr. Freedman is an expert in many different adjusting techniques, and he can tailor care to your specific needs and preferences. In addition, our adjusting tables allow for the lower section to open – allowing you to rest comfortably while having chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy, with no pressure on your abdomen and baby.

As with other patients, he’ll start with your history and proceed with a checkup. If the checkup reveals subluxations, he’ll develop a care plan that is safe, gentle, comfortable and effective. He’ll talk the plan over with you to ensure that you understand your options and feel at ease with his recommendations. The frequency and duration of care are determined entirely by your needs and goals.

It may surprise you when Dr. Freedman checks the alignment of your feet. But as the foundation of your spine, it’s important to ensure that your feet are aligned properly. This way you will have better results with less frequent visits.

Benefits for You and Baby

Helping your body feel better and function better is not only good for you, but it is also good for your baby. The healthier you and your nervous system are, the healthier your baby is. Having easier labor and delivery is also beneficial for your baby. The fewer interventions needed in a delivery; the fewer subluxations are likely to occur in your baby’s delicate structures.

We also encourage new moms to come in as soon as possible after giving birth, so we can check them and their new baby. Dr. Freedman can help get your body back to proper alignment so it can heal from the trauma of childbirth, and he can remove interferences in your baby’s nervous system, so they get the very best start in life.

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