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Immune Deficiency & Impaired Healing in East Brunswick

Heal Your Immune Deficiencies

Playful mom and daughter making a saladThe main goal of our practice is to help our patients live better, healthier lives more naturally. This goes beyond conditions typically helped by chiropractic care, such as back and neck pain, and can include other aspects of wellness. Two particular conditions Dr. Freedman is passionate about improving are immune deficiency and impaired healing.

If an adult or child is often sick with colds, or it takes a long time to heal from a muscle sprain or strain, they could have an immune deficiency as an underlying issue.

If you feel tired, but you’re unable to sleep, that also indicates the body is not functioning well. If you have a child who is not playing or eating normally, or has low energy, they too could be suffering from a deficiency in the function of their immune system or impaired healing.

If you’ve been to a physician and they haven’t been able to pinpoint the cause of your problems to an underlying medical condition, one of the most common causes of impaired healing is subluxation—or a misalignment in the body.

What is a Subluxation?

Vertebral subluxation involves irritation of the nerves that carry energy between the brain and the body. If the body is not getting proper energy, that’s kind of like your eight-cylinder car firing on only five of its cylinders. It may be running, but it’s not going to perform as well and it’s going to be more prone to breakdowns.

Through focused care, Dr. Freedman will help work toward eliminating the interference in your body and improve the flow of energy between the brain and body. When your body is optimally functioning, your muscles and joints, as well as all of the organs, glands, tissues and systems of the body receive their full supply of energy they need to perform at their best.

How Misalignment Affects Your Digestion

We all know we need to eat the right foods, but when your body is in a state of misalignment your digestive system can’t receive the proper energy—even if you have a top-notch diet. The subluxations prevent your body’s digestive system from recognizing the nutrients from the waste products and vice versa.

These processes are mediated by energy as it moves through the nervous system. Without proper energy, the digestive system doesn’t work as well. The most obvious symptoms of this problem include constipation, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome. It can also increase the likelihood of disease and foster an impaired lifestyle.

How We Help

Dr. Freedman will identify and remove the irritations to your energy flow by checking and adjusting subluxations in the spine. This will enable your body to function better, not only the digestive system, but every system within the body. Your body’s capacity to self-heal can then function as close to 100 percent of its full potential.

Safe and Gentle Techniques, Individualized for You

Your body deserves to have the best opportunity to do what is its innate ability — to self-heal and function at its best. Regardless of what’s going on inside of your body, when it comes to subluxation, a chiropractor is the only specialist who is qualified to detect them and respond accordingly with individualized treatment. With over 42 years of experience, Dr. Freedman will adjust you safely and with gentle techniques that are personalized to your clinical needs and personal preferences.

After a visit to Freedman Chiropractic, you will feel comfortable knowing you’re in good hands. You will receive the care you need in a way that’s comfortable for you. Contact us today to make an appointment at (732) 254-6011.



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